Positive Voices

Positive Voices is an opportunity for those who are living with HIV/AIDS to tell their story in their own words. Since many individuals' knowledge of HIV/AIDS is usually from the lens of the 1980s, Positive Voices works to break stereotypes, confront the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, and inform our community about the realities of living with HIV/AIDS today.

HIV/AIDS Ministry 25th Anniversary Video

We are excited to share our HIV/AIDS Ministry video, which was produced by Tabbara Productions in honor of our ministry's 25th anniversary. Thank you to Tabbara Productions, Maureen Collins, Todd Maki, the Ursuline Sisters, and the staff and volunteers of the HIV/AIDS Ministry for making this video a reality.

Ursuline Sisters HIV/AIDS Ministry's Clinic - 20th Anniversary Video

From all of us at Ursuline Sisters HIV/AIDS Ministry, thank you so much for supporting our mission. Our HIV/AIDS Clinic reached this 20 year milestone thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff and all of you!