Looking back at the legacy our Ursuline Sisters created

Our Ministry began when the Sisters, recognizing the lack of local resources available to people living with HIV/AIDS, created a prayer support group for those living with HIV/AIDS as well as their families, friends, and those grieving their loved ones.

From its humble beginnings, our ministry has grown to include:

  • Children Support Services: a tutoring and recreational program to meet the needs of children from families struggling with HIV/AIDS, poverty, and all of their attendant hardships and challenges
  • A Household Pantry: a pantry consisting of household items and personal hygiene products
  • A Food Pantry: a pantry stocked with food from the Food Bank as well as donations from church and civic groups
  • Social Support/Congregate Meal: a monthly dinner/social event for the HIV community and their guests, where an average of 130 people are served each month
  • Medical Services: a pediatric and adult HIV clinic offering HIV testing, health care, counseling, case management, education, and wrap-around services
  • Housing Services: emergency and permanent supportive housing with case management services for individuals and families who are homeless or unstably housed
  • A Furniture Warehouse: a warehouse space for donated furnishings that are distributed to clients served by our ministry
  • Support Groups: peer-led support groups providing emotional and educational support for people living with HIV/AIDS

The Ursuline Sisters HIV/AIDS Ministry was founded in 1993 by Ursuline Sisters Kathleen Minchin, Mary Lee Nalley, Nancy Dawson, and Pauline Dalpé, pictured above from left to right at a 25th anniversary liturgy for the Ursuline Sisters HIV/AIDS Ministry in 2018. 

25 Years of Ministry

Please take a look at our video, which will give you a full picture of the impact of the Ursuline Sisters and our HIV/AIDS Ministry.