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Clinic Update

 Outreach Team Success 

The Comprehensive Care Center’s Outreach Team has experienced great success over this past year. The nine member team is supervised by clinic social worker Lisa Kiriazis and counselor Ellen Taylor. The team conducts HIV testing and provides educational programming and outreach within the community.  Last year alone, they tested over 800 people in the tri-county area!  In  addition to HIV testing, the group has conducted educational sessions for agencies like Neil Kennedy and for groups like nursing students from the Kent State Salem campus. Outreach Team members are going out into the community almost every day each month to health fairs, the Red Cross, Walgreens, health districts, and area prisons. We are proud of the work that the Outreach Team has done this year, not only with getting people tested, but also by going out into the community, sharing their stories, and helping to eliminate the stigma associated with HIV.

Renovations at the Clinic

Anyone who has ever had their house renovated knows the challenge that construction projects can bring.  The staff and patients at the Comprehensive Care Center are pleased with the recently completed renovations at the Clinic.  The entire Clinic– from the ceilings to the carpets– was under construction for the renovations.  Feedback from patients, staff, and visitors to the Clinic has been extremely positive.  “Although it was a long process, everyone thinks it was well worth it,” Clinic Administrator Teaquan Cosper remarked.  “It looks 100% better.”   The renovations followed repairs to the building, including the roof. Because of these upgrades, the Clinic is now fully-functional and is able to provide a comfortable space to Clinic patients, staff, and guests.  Clinic nurse Terry Mitchell believes that the renovations help to create an atmosphere that reflects the care patients receive at the Clinic.  “We believe our patients deserve the very best care,” Terry says, “and I believe that the renovations are an external reflection of that philosophy.”  The patients at the Clinic have also offered their compliments on the renovated space, describing it as warm and welcoming.  We couldn’t agree more, and are pleased with the completed renovations to our Clinic!

Casa Madre Update

Fun in the Sun


School might be out for summer, but Casa Madre is as busy as ever!  The theme of this year’s summer program is literacy, and the children have been hard at work writing their own blog entries!  Along with reading, writing, science experiments, and other academic pursuits, the children have also been enjoying new experiences with our various field trips.  So far this summer, we have learned about  journalism with behind the scenes tours at The Vindicator and WFMJ; enjoyed our time seeing animals at the Cleveland zoo; appreciated nature and chocolate (maybe not in that order) on our train ride in Cuyahoga Valley followed by a chocolate tour at Fannie May; and we are looking forward to our upcoming excursions to Waldameer and Wagon Trails!  What a great summer this has been!

Student Success

We certainly are proud of one of our “Casa Madre kids,” Amber!  Amber has been with the Children’s Program at Casa Madre since she was in kindergarten.  This year, she will begin her senior year of high school!  She has passed her graduation tests and will be all set to graduate in May.  In addition to recently getting a part-time job and her driver’s license, Amber has been assisting us with the younger children during the summer program and has served as a great  mentor and role model to them.   Amber plans to study Sports Medicine in college  after graduating and is looking forward to all of the fun and excitement that senior year of high school brings! 


Cafe & Pantries Update

Stewardship Spotlight


“The most direct path that leads us to God is undoubtedly that of the works of mercy.”

10th Legacy, St. Angela Merici


Since its inception in 1993, the Café has served as a monthly support group and gathering for individuals served by our HIV/AIDS Ministry.  The success of the Café each month has been made possible through the dedication and commitment of a core group of volunteers. The volunteers help with setting up for the Café, cooking and preparing meals in the kitchen, baking, calling Bingo, working with the children, providing massages, and clean up following the Café.  Some volunteers have been with us for nearly 20 years, and some come from quite a distance each month to help make our Café a success.  As a ministry, we are blessed to have such hardworking and committed volunteers who are willing to put forth so much time and effort each month to help serve those living with HIV.  The volunteers help to create an atmosphere of joy, comfort, and caring at our monthly Cafes.  One volunteer noted that, over his twenty years of volunteering at the Café, how he has seen a change in how people feel, dress, and act.  “There is a sense of encouragement and hope nowadays when compared to twenty years ago,” he remarked, “It’s great.”  When asked what motivates him to keep coming back each month, another volunteer simply responded that he does it because of the difference it makes and because he has the means and ability to do so.  Our ministry depends on these generous and kind volunteers who have responded to a call of service.  By living out St. Angela’s instruction to “never fail to render your neighbor the services that may depend on you,” our monthly Cafe and our Ministry have been blessed and made possible because of them. If you are available on the third Saturday of the month and would like to volunteer, we’d love to have you!  If interested, please contact Sr. Kathleen at (330) 793-0434.